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Bellamy Jazz


The Bellamy Jazz Band has been together for over thirteen years, playing traditional New Orleans and Chicago Jazz, and swing. A Maine favorite, this eight piece band has won popularity awards eight years in a row.

Mel Tukey on cornet, trumpet, and vocals, is a widely-known virtuoso horn player and has led jazz combos from West Point to Pemaquid.

Frank Vigneau on keyboard grew up with music in New York and Massachusetts where he taught and performed extensively. Frank brings forty years of professional experience to the band.

Bob Esterberg on drums has been a professional drumer since 1945, and has played extensively in Massachusetts and Maine, plus a year-long stint in Japan.

Dave DeBree on tenor and vocals, played his way through college in a top-forty combo, and brings a front-line sense of humor as emcee, like a cross between Garrison Keeler and Robin Williams.

Bill Manduca on hard-driving trombone and vocals, comes from a large musical family, and has played jazz and swing more of his life.

Peter Lord on soprano sax and tenor, picked up reeds from his clarinet-playing dad, studied at Berklee in Boston, and steers the band.

Peter Dunphy on banjo, tenor guitar, and vocals, played with street and theater bands in Maine and Vermont, and has played as a pro since he was fifteen.

Roy Dunphy on bass and vocals, has played in street bands as well, both jazz and European music, is one of the founders of Bellamy, and has developed a fairly innovative style, especially his vocalized trumpet.

Where else these days can you hear a valve/slide trombone trade fours with a soprano sax, a cornet and mouth trumpet dog-fight, a four string guitar solo, or Saints with a scooby-doo chorus?

These guys play a loose, jammin Chicago-style jazz ranging from Preservation Hall to prehistoric swing, jazz ballads, dance hall tunes, and just a suggestion that they have heard the rock and roll.

Jazz came roaring out of the twenties with a wild vitality and irreverence, and Bellamy aims to keep it that way.


Maine's favorite jazz band plays a variety of styles from New Orleans to Chicago. The BELLAMY JAZZ BAND delivers swing, jazz ballads and dance hall favorites with a vitality that has become their trademark.
Bellamy Jazz Audio Samples

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