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The Boneheads

"I had many many favorable comments with the band and I understand they played until late. A LOT of people danced."
Kay Warren
"The Boneheads were wonderful to work with, very accomodating. The music was great and people danced up a storm. We have gotten great responses from our friends and family."
Nina Moore
"The Band did an excellent job. I loved the Christmas music additions."
Mitch Garnett
Samoset Resort Christmas Party

The BONEHEADS are a thoroughly danceable, dynamic, fun and talented Rock and Roll band in the purest sense. Real instruments played with real feelings; real music. The Heads have a full complement of original material in addition to an extensive playlist of covers. Their music is described as rootsy, all-American, it rocks and it's acoustic. A band of honest musicians doing what they love.
The Boneheads Audio Samples

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