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The Boneheads

When You Love Me
Sallys My Girl
Looking to the Sky
Can You Dance
I Know What I Know
I Cant Stop Myself
Set Him Free
That Girl
Baby, Baby, Baby
My Home is a Town
Blue to Grey
If He Loved Her
Feel Alive
Shake that Demon Out
Broken Down Triumph Blues
Someday We Are Gonna Find Our Way
Wish I Didnt Care About You
Hand With Your Own Rope
Bonehead Party
Get What You Need
The Airtight Garage
Please Wait For Me
I Wont Let You Down
All That Sees Me Through
Big Bad World
Oh My God
Better Not Mess With Me
Railroad Bill
Straight Line
Get Off Of My Heels
There Must Be Something Better
How Long Will This Train Keep On Rolling
Siesta Time
The Man Who Isnt Here

The BONEHEADS are a thoroughly danceable, dynamic, fun and talented Rock and Roll band in the purest sense. Real instruments played with real feelings; real music. The Heads have a full complement of original material in addition to an extensive playlist of covers. Their music is described as rootsy, all-American, it rocks and it's acoustic. A band of honest musicians doing what they love.
The Boneheads Audio Samples

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