The Tony Boffa Band has set an unequaled standard of excellence in the club and function industry for over 30 years.

Their combination of musical schooling and street soul is rare.

The Tony Boffa Band features a repertoire that covers six decades of popular music and the musicians to deliver it with energy and sincerity.


"Fantastic! Tony Boffa made a great wedding reception even better!"
Cathy Jones,
Portland, ME

"Mr. Boffa and his staff are outstanding, as always. A class act!"
Bob Swett,
Government Employees Credit Union

"The enthusiastic reviews of the Tony Boffa Band from our friends at the wedding do not stop: 'who where they and where did you find them?' are being asked over and over."
Cindy Pritcher,
Worcester MA

"Tony and his band are consummate professionals. It was a pleasure for us to have them perform for our function. Without question extremely satisfied!"
Paul Gaspar,
Cape Elizabeth Patrolmen's Association

"Tony is the best, and it shows all the time."
Ann Gagnon,
Duncanson & Holt

"Tony once again exceeded all expectations. There is no other band to compare."
Pete Brogan,
American Postal Workers Union

"Just right!"
Kathy Billings,
Bowdoin College Alumni Office

"The crowd absolutely loves you. Thank you for being such a gracious and honest man. It is a pleasure working with you."
Cheryl Miller,
National Kidney Foundation of Maine

"We are still getting calls about the party and basically it's the Tony Boffa Band that everybody's talking about!"
Susan Bisby

"In my eight years of performing with them, it was very clear to me why the Tony Boffa Band was the only logical choice when hiring a band for any event. Their professionalism goes beyond their musicianship and extensive repertoire into a realm where few bands venture. Most musicians overlook the importance of proper dress, behavior, and reliability. The members of the Tony Boffa Band are actually committed to provide the best service for the occasion. They are sensitive to the importance of each individual event. Most musicians could care less about someone's wedding reception. They just want their money. Tony and the band take on the responsibility of actually enhancing the affair instead of merely being passive bystanders. And unlike many "freelance" bands, the members of the Tony Boffa Band have committed themselves exclusively to Tony. They actually rehearse where other bands rely on "winging it." Because of the attention to rehearsing, they are able to expand their repertoire exponentially. Even songs they have just learned sound like they have been honed for years. I have traveled the world as a professional musician and have personally played with what are considered to be the premiere function bands in the country.
Not one of them can even compare to the Tony Boffa Band.
I say that with all honesty. I have yet to meet a band leader with the integrity, talent, and commitment to his clients' and band members as Tony Boffa. And I have yet to meet a band whose members all subscribe to the same philosophy as their leader. The ONLY band I can recommend for any event is the Tony Boffa Band. My second choice is to cancel your event."
--Scott Huff, Lead Trumpet/Vocals for The Mavericks Nashville, TN

"I was the original drummer in the Tony Boffa Band from 19??--??. It is a distinction I'm very proud of! For the past 20 years, I've traveled throughout the U.S. (in all 50 states) and the world as part of the Sawyer Brown band. In all that time, I've never seen or heard a function band/musical group any better than the Tony Boffa Band. Their professionalism, personality, and entertainment factor is second-to-none. No one MC's a function like Tony, and their musical 'catalog' is deep and extensive. Plus, the band really keeps up with the very latest hits. You can't go wrong when you book the best!!"
-- Joe Smyth, Drummer Sawyer Brown

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